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A lot of dog owners feed their pets wet canned food or dry kibble. While these processed dog foods may not seem very appetizing, they do contain nutrients canines need to remain healthy. Quality, nutritious commercial dog foods are subject to regulations and testing by veterinary experts.

Note that unlike cars, dogs are not necessarily full carnivores. Although meat consists of the majority of a canine diet, dogs also ingest nutrients from fruits, grains and vegetables. These non-meat ingredients are not just fillers. Without a doubt, they can be serve as a source of vitamins, fiber and minerals.

A quality diet will typically contain meats, grains, vegetables and fruits. They’ll contain quality, fresh versions of these fundamental ingredients that promote healthy digestion for your dog. Likewise with “people food” the way to determine quality dog food is to simply read the label. Read the ingredients, nutritional details and feeding suggestions. Also, consult with your animal care provider about which dog foods are right for your pet.

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First, consider your priorities when it comes to searching for the dog food that’s just right for yours. For example, do you want to serve your pet food that’s made through organic farming? For pet owners with concerns about the ecological impact of their buying choices, organic food is a good option.

Alternatively, for dogs with a sensitive stomach, you’ll want to consider other components of dog foods and their ingredients. For instance, perhaps a food made with minimal or zero preservatives. Also, you might consider a dog food containing only single-source, quality proteins.

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