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Looking for helpful advice about what to feed your dog? Just follow the basic guideline of feeding your pet the best quality food within your budget. Notably, the contrasts between a premium dog food and a budget dog food are not to be found upon the labels. Rather, they’re found in the source and quality of ingredients the product contains. For example, two different foods might both contain an equal percentage of protein yet be quite different in digestibility.

Labels on dog food typically list the ingredients in order of weight. Ingredients like fresh meats usually contain water, which diminishes while the food goes through processing. This indicates that a dry dog food with corn as a main ingredient could offer more nutrition. However, some dog foods may list nutrients as a minimum percentage. Also, other foods may list maximum percentages. This means that the batch of food might contain different amounts of the ingredient than what’s on the label.

When it comes to choosing the Best Food of Dogs – or other pets – start by consulting your veterinarian. However, here’s a few tips to help you choose what to serve your furry pal:

-Choose dog foods with identifiable, whole-food, real ingredients. If most of the ingredients you see on a label are not familiar, select a different option.

-Consider low-calorie food for your dog. Specifically, most adult, indoor canines have fairly low energy needs. Consequently, their diet should usually contain a relatively low amount of calories in one cup. For many dogs this is about 350 calories or less.

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