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Just like pet owners go through various nutritional requirements during their lifespan, dogs do too. Dog foods that are all-purpose might not contain enough nutrients to fulfill the needs of a puppy. Likewise for a dog that is pregnant or nursing. Conversely, an all-purpose food may contain nutrients that are excessive for older or less active dogs. Animal nutritionists recommend feeding dogs according to their life stage. Generally, the stages are puppy, adolescent, adult and senior. Feeding them accordingly promotes overall wellness and life quality for your pet.

-Best Natural Dog Food for puppies. It’s no surprise that puppies eat a lot – and quite often too. They require relatively frequent feedings because they’re growing but don’t have a lot of room in their stomachs. For example, for puppies between six and eight weeks old, five or six meals per day is typical. At six months, the need for nourishment declines because puppies are then closer to their full. This is when two or three meals daily is okay.

Best Natural Dog Food  – Since growth is nearly complete at eight to ten months, most puppies can switch to adult dog food at about one year of age.

Older canines – generally dogs over seven years of age – benefit from Best Natural Dog Foods specific to their needs. Diets for older dogs frequently contain lower calorie amounts, low sodium, higher protein and less carbs. In addition, some may contain probiotics, glucosamine and healthy omega-3 fatty acids along with antioxidants. These ingredients serve to counter inflammation and promote healthy joints.

Be sure to inquire with your veterinarian for more recommendations on which foods are best for your older dog. Prosperous Pet offers a huge selection of the Best Natural Dog Food available at affordable prices. Order now at 309-532-8708.