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Tips for Kitten Care

It’s usually best to feed your kitten what she’s already accustomed to when you first bring her home.

Not all foods are alike. Some contain much higher quality ingredients in comparison to others. We recommend consulting with your vet about which diet is right for your young feline. Then, convert your kitten gradually to their Natural Cat Food Frisco TX over the course of a week. Simply mix their new food into her bowl, and increase the servings until it the transition finishes.

Not surprisingly, the stomach of a kitten is very small and fills up rapidly. For that reason, they tend to need frequent meals in small amounts. For example, set fresh kitten food in a bowl three or four times daily for your pet’s first six months.

Natural Cat Food Frisco TX available at Prosperous Pet provides all the nutrients

your kitten requires for healthy growth. We have a wide selection of dry and wet cat foods that your pet will enjoy – and at great prices too!

If you’re not sure which variety of food to purchase for your kitten, talk to your vet or inquire with our staff. However, whatever cat food you select, be sure to carefully follow the feeding guidelines on the packaging. Also, be sure that you do not feed your pet too much.

It’s not unusual for kittens to experience an occasional digestive ailment or to cough up a hairball. This is natural and typically not a cause for concern. But if the digestion problems continue or your kitten shows other signs of illness, don’t hesitate to consult your veterinarian.

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