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Natural Cat Foods Rowlett TX

Natural Cat Foods Rowlett TX

At Prosperous Pet, we enjoy sharing useful information that can help our fellow pet owners take even better care of their furry friends. On this post, we’ll offer few practical suggestions on cat care:

-Brush your cat’s fur coat regularly. Whether your kitty has long or short fur, she can benefit a lot from regular combing or brushing. This serves to remove any dead fur from her coat so she won’t end up ingesting it during self-grooming. Also, it provides you the opportunity to check for any changes to her body. That way if you detect irregularities like sore spots or bumps, you can alert your veterinarian for further assessment.

–Be sure the cat has access to a supply of fresh water. Just like healthy and natural food from Prosperous Pet is beneficial for your cat’s health, fresh water is also essential. If your cat does not like to drink from bowls, consider giving him a tall glass of water to drink from or perhaps investing in a cat drinking fountain. (Some felines do not like to bend downwards to drink.) Remember to refill the water supply each day.

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-Check your litter box count. As a general guideline, provide one litter box per cat plus another one. If you own two cats, for example, you should provide three litter boxes. To teach healthy litter box practices, it’s important to keep them clean. This might require scooping out the box at least twice daily.

-Take notice if the cat urinates outside the litter box. This is a behavior a cat may exhibit when the litter box is too dirty. However, before attributing the accident to the condition of the litter box or your kitty’s naughtiness, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian. Changes in how a cat uses a litter box can sometimes indicate a medical issue. Order Natural Cat Foods Rowlett TX today at 309-660-1775!