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When it comes to digestibility and nutrients, there isn’t a whole lot of difference between wet and dry dog foods. Dog owners should make feeding decisions depending on issues like lifestyle, budget and simple preferences. For dogs that require a lot of water consumption or specific diets, wet (canned) foods are often the way to go. However, most canines are just fine on a diet of dry kibble. In fact, some kibble options – along with nutrition – offer dental benefits because they help fight plaque buildup.

Is Your Pup Particular At Meal Time? Try “Wet” Dog Foods

Wet dog foods are typically quite pleasing for most dogs. It serves to enhance the taste of when mixed together. Also, it introduces your pet to a range of new flavors and healthy ingredients. Furthermore, wet foods help dogs to hydrate. Many dogs actually do not consume sufficient amounts of water.

Natural Dog Food Dallas TX – Wet foods help pets hydrate because they contain a greater moisture content than kibble.

Boosting your pup’s water consumption helps place less strain upon their major organs. Specifically, the kidneys and urinary tract. A diet that’s rich in moisture is frequently what vets advise for diabetic canines who struggle with kidney problems. Naturally, consult with your vet before you alter your pet’s diet, particularly when he or she has a health condition.

Prosperous Pet – A Great Selection of Natural, Healthy Foods for Your Dog

Selecting Natural Pet Food Dallas TX from the many available quality brands of today is a challenge. The pet food industry is without a doubt a competitive one. The natural dog foods we carry at Prosperous Pet offer balanced, healthy options your pet will enjoy. Ask our experts or your vet to help you choose a diet that is ideal for your dog’s requirements.