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Just like it’s an important part of your own diet, fiber is important for your dog too. In a lot of similar ways that it promotes digestive health for humans, fiber improves overall colon health for canines. Also, it helps with weight loss and can even help manage your dog’s blood sugar levels.

A type of carbohydrate, fiber in many diets consists mainly of plant cell walls, which are not digestible. Consequently, they remain intact as they circulate through the dog’s digestive systems. That means enzymes do not dissolve and break the fiber down as it does to fats and proteins.

Natural Pet Food Garland TX

This is how fiber regulates the movement of foods and waste through the animal’s intestinal system. Fiber prolongs the digestion process because it tends to simply slow it down. As a result, this enables the digestive system to do its task of drawing nutrients from food. It also helps to efficiently eliminate waste products that the dog’s system does not need.

The right amount of fiber in their diet is naturally an essential part of maintaining overall canine wellness. Once your pet is regularly consuming the right amount of fiber, you’ll observe an improvement in their stool. It becomes firmer rather than loose, which makes it much easier at clean-up time.

Another benefit to fiber in your pet’s diet is that it helps him or her to maintain a healthy weight. Fiber adds bulk without adding calories, leaving your pet feeling full.

Dogs that are diabetic also benefit from a healthy diet containing fiber. Fiber enables the body to better absorb sugars at a slower rate. This maintains consistent blood sugar levels, which is a critical part of managing diabetes.

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