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Natural Pet Food Rowlett TX

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The type of food you provide and how often you feed your pet are an important part of keeping him or her healthy. Prosperous Pet carries a great selection of high quality Natural Pet Food Rowlett TX that your dog or cat will enjoy!

On this post we’ll present some helpful information on natural pet food and why it’s so beneficial for our furry pals.

-Increases energy. Commercial, over-processed dog foods like kibble can be difficult for a canine’s digestive system to break down effectively and extract nutrients. Consequently, that can mean a lot of dog food going in one end and a lot coming out the other end. The authentic ingredients in Natural Pet Food Rowlett TX are easier for dogs to digest, which helps your pet’s body absorb energy more efficiently. You’ll see a perkier pet with greater endurance for long walks and play time!

Natural Pet Food Rowlett TX

-Shinier fur coats. Healthy natural oils are an important component of any Natural Pet Food Rowlett TX diet. These healthy fats can help a dull coat become luxurious and glossy. The quality dog foods available at Prosperous Pet contain a mix of oils that offer multiple healthy benefits, with a vibrant coat as one of the positive results!

-Healthy skin. If your pup suffers from a skin condition or an allergy, you’ve probably heard that fresh and Natural Pet Food Rowlett TX can be a helpful remedy. Nutrients such as fatty acids, zinc and B vitamins contained in our dog foods help to soothe and improve skin conditions in canines. Plus, those nutrients are more effective when sourced from whole, authentic ingredients. This clear benefit is often noticeable in as soon as a month or two on a Natural Pet Food Rowlett TX diet!

-Healthier, brighter eyes. Vitamin A is abundant in fresh Natural Pet Food Rowlett TX and easy for your pup’s system to utilize. Brighter eyes are benefit of natural ingredients and promote better ocular health in general. Vitamin A is found in carrots, kale, spinach and sweet potatoes, for example.

-Firmer stools and not as much waste. Many types of processed dog foods contain excessive amounts of fiber since they are an inexpensive filler ingredient. Although fiber is an important part of a healthy Natural Pet Food Rowlett TX diet, too much of it can be problematic. It can mean your dog’s digestive system is too busy with breaking the fiber down to effectively absorb the other nutritional elements in the food. Over the long term, this might increase risk of colon cancer or illnesses relating to the digestive system. With a balanced Natural Pet Food Rowlett TX diet, fiber comes from only natural, authentic sources.

That means your furry friend can utilize more of what they’re eating and less of the dog food will simply pass through. Additionally, your dog’s stools will be firmer and smaller, which makes clean up time a lot easier.

-Extends lifespan. When your dog is at lower risk for allergies, cancer and the other potential problems that can result from a diet of processed foods, a healthier Natural Pet Food Rowlett TX can result in more time together.

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Summertime in Texas can be a good time to strengthen the bond you share with your pets. However, high temperatures can also mean a high risk of health problems for dogs or cats such as ear and skin infections or irritations and even risk of heat stroke.

Pets don’t sweat like people do and can rapidly suffer from overheating. To prevent this problem and enjoy the summertime with your pet, keep in mind the following suggestions:

-Provide lots of water and access to shade. Summertime heat in Texas means the potential for dehydration for dogs and cats. Dogs tend to become thirsty more rapidly than humans when in excessive heat. Common signs include drooling and dry gums. Naturally, the most important step is to ensure your dog always has ready access to clean, fresh water inside the home and bring along a bottle of water for your canine companion when you venture outside. Also, you might consider switching to a wet Natural Pet Food Rowlett TX during the summer months to boost fluid consumption.

-Keep your dog in the shade as frequently as possible. Although pets enjoy sunbathing, direct exposure to sunlight can put them at risk of overheating (particularly dogs) and result in heat stroke

-Watch for the signs. A canine’s temperature is typically between 100 and 103. (Cats tend to fall in a similar temperature range.) A temperature that exceeds that range can indicate your pet is in danger. To lower it, they’ll pant and drink water.

Some of the possible signs of an overheating dog include:

-Red, dry gums.

-Excessive panting.

-Drooling, vomiting.


-Wobbly, off-balance.

In the vent that your dog indicates symptoms of heat exhaustion, promptly move him or her to a cool spot and provide water. If available, place a damp cloth over your dog and bring them to the veterinarian right away. Don’t put your dog in cold water because it could cause shock.

-Do not leave your dog in the car. Many dogs enjoy going for a car ride. However, they don’t enjoy sitting in a parked car on a hot day. Some pet owners may mistakenly think leaving a dog in a vehicle for a short time is safe. In fact, it can take just a few minutes for a car’s interior temperature to escalate rapidly and cause the dog to suffer from heat stroke.

Leaving your dog in a car is not just hazardous to the animal, but it’s also illegal in some states that have “hot vehicle” laws.* Either bring your dog along with you or simply leave your dog at home. If you observe a dog left alone in a vehicle under dangerously hot conditions, take immediate action by searching for the dog’s owner or contact law enforcement for assistance.

-Sunscreen for pets. It may sound unlikely due to their protective coats, but dogs can get sunburns just like their human companions – particularly those with a light or short coat. Just like with humans, it can be painful and can increase the risk of skin cancer. If you plan to spend some time outside in the sunlight with your canine companion, remember to apply sunscreen every three or four hours to areas that are least protected such as your dog’s belly, nose and ears. Use sunscreens specifically made for pets. Your animal care provider could recommend a product appropriate for dogs.

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*The state of Texas doesn’t currently have a statute that makes it illegal to leave a pet in a parked vehicle. But that doesn’t mean anyone doing so won’t be held accountable. Texas has general animal cruelty laws that may apply in some cases. Leaving a dog in a hot car for an extended length of time can be viewed an act of cruelty that may be punishable by fines or even jail time.