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Welcome to Prosperous Pets! We’re Central Illinois’ leading source of natural, organic pet foods that will help your dog remain healthy. Regardless of your canine friend’s age, weight or breed, you’ll find pet food that’s ideal for their general wellness.

The Fundamentals of a Healthy Canine Diet

Because dogs are omnivorous mammals, they consume both plants and meats. Natural dog foods contain the right balance for that diet with healthy amounts of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

-Proteins are necessary for building and growing new tissues in your dog’s body. Proteins consist of various amino acids that the body naturally produces. However, there are some other important amino acids that must come through diet. Typically, animal proteins are more efficient at delivering essential amino acids than plant proteins such as corn or soy. If you own a puppy, consider pet foods that list meat sources as a top ingredients.

-Fats. Another important building block of a healthy diet for dogs is fat. Fats promote healthy fur coats and skin. They also transport many important vitamins throughout the pet’s body. However, excess fat in a canine’s diet can lead to problems like obesity.

-Carbs come from sources such as fruits, grains and vegetables. They’re a main source of glucose, which provides your dog with energy. Some smaller breeds tend to be more susceptible to hypoglycemia. For that reason, it’s important they consume quality carbs in healthy amounts.

Talk with your vet before starting your pet on a natural diet. – Natural Pet Food Store Dallas TX

-Water, of course, is always the most nutrient for living creatures. Water enables your dog’s body to optimize the other important nutrients in their dog. Be sure your dog always has access to fresh and clean water.

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