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Your cat’s fur coat is part of their appeal! But besides looking good, feline fur serves important functions. They deliver relevant sensory information and protect against cold and rain. A healthy fur coat even helps cats produce important nutrients such as vitamin D.

However, even though cats do such a good job of taking care of them, fur coats can still lose their shine.

Multiple issues can cause a cat’s coat to get dull (or lead to skin dryness or irritation. One of the most common causes is poor nutrition. For healthy fur, skin and overall wellness, your cat requires a diet with all the essential nutrients. Just like people, cats need a balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. If they do not consume these fundamentals, cats can experience digestion troubles and lack of energy.

Similar to their canine counterparts, cats can experience weight problems too. In fact, some studies find that as many as half of cats nationwide are overweight or even obese. For some felines, if they gain too much weight they are not able to clean their bodies adequately. Consequently, this can cause a dull, unhealthy fur coat.

Fat Content and Energy for Your Cat – Natural Pet Food Store Garland TX

Dietary fats typically source from animal fats or plant seed oils. Certainly, they’re the primary source of energy in your cat’s diet. Fats actually contain approximately double the energy as carbs and protein. Additionally, fats contain fatty acids, which a cat’s body doesn’t produce on its own. Fatty acids like omega-3 help promote:

-Absorption of essential vitamins and minerals.

-Maintain healthy fur coat and skin.

-Insulate and protect the body and vital organs.

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Also, fats help improve the flavor of your feline’s food. At Prosperous Pet, we’re a Natural Pet Food Store Garland TX with a wide selection of cat foods. Place an order today at 309-532-8708.