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Typically more than humans, dogs need fat as a part of their diets to remain healthy. Notably, canines don’t tend to suffer from hardening of their arteries like people can. For that reason, fat does not present the same type of risks for dogs as it does for humans.

Without sufficient fat content in their daily diet, dogs lack the energy for healthy running and playing. Also, fat helps their fur coats remain shiny and healthy too.

Natural Pet Food Store Rowlett TX – Of course, excess fat in a pet’s diet is problematic because it can lead to obesity and other problems. Just like with other components your canine’s diet, the healthy proportion of fats is what makes the difference.

Primarily, fats are an important energy source that dog’s require to remain active. Without a doubt, fats are among the most essential fuels. In fact, it provides approximately double the energy amounts

than proteins and carbohydrates. Without essential fats in your dog’s diet, they may appear listless and less active than usual.

In addition, fats are a source of nutrients like omega-six and omega-three fatty acids. These types of fatty acids are helpful for maintaining your dog’s coat and skin health. Dogs that do not consume adequate amounts of these acids are more vulnerable to problems like flaking and irritability.

Lastly, fats are important for canine diets because they help promote a strong, durable immune system.

Fats help with regular cellular functioning in all cells of the dog’s body. Certainly, that helps provide your pet with the ability to ward off illnesses and allergens. Another advantage is that fats simple improve the flavor of dog foods too.

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