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Natural Pet Food Stores Rowlett TX

Natural Pet Food Stores Rowlett TX

Large, small or in-between, cats are carnivores by their nature. That means they basically must consume meats in order to live and remain active. There is no such thing as a vegetarian cat.

Since felines evolved as predators, their bodies are uniquely able to efficiently process a diet of natural, raw prey. Raw cat foods are an ideal way to feed your cat a more natural diet that is appropriate to their particular nutritional needs.

Out in the wild, felines consume raw, whole prey. It’s a diet that includes rats, mice, moles or other types of prey that are available – even rabbits, birds, insects or amphibians. They usually will devour the entire animal: meat, organs and bones. Their digestive systems are capable of metabolizing a diet that is high in proteins and moisture and also low in carbs. Cats access a lot of their energy from glucose processed by their liver rather than carbohydrates.

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The many advantages of putting your pup on a raw diet are similar to the advantages for cats:

-A shinier, healthy fur coat and skin. If your dog sheds excessively or his coat looks dull and lifeless lately, changing to an organic diet can have remarkable results.
-Improves oral health and reduces bad breath.
-More energy. You’ll notice that your furry friend will be more active after converting to raw foods from a Natural Pet Food Stores Rowlett TX.

At Prosperous Pet, we’re dedicated to providing the very best in quality raw foods for dogs and cats. Check out our selection from leading brands like Albright’s. Your pet will thank you!