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Natural Select Pet Food Rowlett TX

Natural Select Pet Food Rowlett TX

Have you considered the benefits of introducing your cat to a raw food-based diet? Just as it sounds, a raw diet entails uncooked foods that do not go through any processing. Typically, they are formulated to simulate the diet of the animal’s ancestors with approximately 98 percent meat, bone and organ tissue.

These Natural Select Pet Food Rowlett TX diets are loaded with proteins and nutrition that supports digestion, healthy gums and teeth and a vibrant coat. Another benefit is that a raw diet contain a high water content which helps ensure cats remain sufficiently hydrated.

The selection of raw foods we carry at Prosperous Pet provides balanced and comprehensive nutrition for all the stages of your feline’s lifespan. That means a raw diet is fully appropriate whether you have a kitten, adult or senior cat.

If your cat suffers from allergies, converting to raw Natural Select Pet Food Rowlett TX from Prosperous Pet could help lessen the symptoms. Allergies in felines can be the cause of a range of issues like upset stomach, itchiness, a flaky fur coat and more. A raw diet can be beneficial for those cats who have allergies because they contain naturally-occurring oils and pure ingredients to promote healthier skin and a glossy coat.

Do you have an older cat? A raw food diet is good for senior felines! Raw diets are simply easier to consume even for older cats who might be missing a few teeth or have other oral problems. They also contain greater amounts of moisture, which is important because cats consume must their water through their diet. Pet parents can feel confident knowing their feline pal is getting enough hydration from their daily meals which is so essential for kidney functions.