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Only Natural Cat Food Rowlett TX

Only Natural Cat Food Rowlett TX

Are you considering introducing your cat to a diet of raw, natural food? Doing so can offer multiple benefits that will support your feline friend’s general health and also provide the meats he or she naturally enjoys. Cats are natural predators. After all they are animals that evolved by consuming a prey-based daily diet and – importantly – eating what they captured raw.

Modern cooking processes degrade the nutritional contents in meats, which cause a loss of amino acids, minerals and vitamins cats must have to lead an active and energetic lifestyle. Meat used as an ingredient in highly-processed cat foods are cooked at very high temperatures. It’s essential to add those lost nutrients back into your pet’s diet.

Cats in a wild environment will often consume the whole animal if it’s relatively small, eating practically everything This can include the bones of the prey. Raw bones are typically digestible for cats and can be a main source of obtaining calcium. When bones are cooked it diminishes the available nutrients, leaving them brittle and even hazardous for the cat to ingest.

Feeding your cat an Only Natural Cat Food Rowlett TX diet that is a reflection of what they would usually eat while in the wild provides several benefits for both for pet and you:

-Improves digestion.

-Helps to reduce stool volume and odor.

-Healthy fur coat, less hairballs and reduces shedding.

-Increases energy and promotes a more active lifestyle.

-If your feline is overweight, a natural raw diet will help with weight loss.

-Better oral hygiene.

-Improves urinary tract health.

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