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When it comes to animal nutrition and diet needs, cats are what’s known as obligate carnivores. Basically, that means that your feline friends require some meat in their daily diet.

Through the process of evolution, cats as a species became dependent upon the certain types of nutrients in animal tissues. For example, they benefit from fatty acids, vitamins and minerals such as calcium, niacin and vitamin A. Cats cannot get these nutrients in plants. Also, important, because they are obligate carnivores, cats need dietary proteins with the proper levels of amino acids.

Pet Food Store Near Me Dallas TX

Most mammals – including cats and humans – utilize the proteins in food to develop and maintain their biological functioning. However, in contrast to other mammals, cats can use protein as their main source of their day-to-day calories. In comparison, dogs and people utilize carbohydrates as a main source of energy.

The beneficial levels of the right kinds of protein that felines require are only to be found within animal tissue. In fact, diets containing only plant proteins are not easily digestible for cats. In some cases, plant proteins can even be unhealthy for cats if that’s their sole protein source. Plants do not contain the right amounts of specific amino acids for cats, particularly taurine. These essential amino acids are important because the animal’s diet must supply them.

Talk with your vet about what kind of diet is right for your cat. Then, place your order with the Pet Food Store Near Me Dallas TX at 309-532-8708.