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Welcome to Prosperous Pet! If you’re searching for a quality Pet Food Store Near Me Rowlett TX, you’re at the right place. On this post, we present some helpful info on nutrition for puppies.

Early in their lifetime, it’s no surprise that puppies typically eat quite a lot – and frequently too. Because puppies are growing fast yet have relatively small stomachs, some breeds will eat five or six times per day. For instance, this is typical when dogs are six to eight weeks old. By six months, the frequency of feedings decreases because dogs by then are about 75 percent of their full size. At that point, two or three meals daily is usually enough.

A quality food for puppies presents advantages in comparison to adult dog foods. Puppy foods are made to fulfill specific nutritional needs. For example, they contain the proper amount of calcium that young dogs need.

Pet Food Store Near Me Rowlett TX

Because of their speedy growth, it’s important to provide your pup with the best nutrition for proper development. Canine growth is nearly complete by eight to ten months. Consequently, puppies can usually switch to adult dog food once they reach one year or so.

Larger breed puppies (dogs that will eventually weight in at about 50 pounds or more) should eat a puppy food specifically made for them. These food options contain the accurate amount of calcium and proteins. This is essential for healthy bone and tissue growth and to prevent joint problems. Your vet might also suggest a transitional “teen dog food” too. Prosperous Pet features a wide selection of the very best dog food brands on the market. You’ll find everything your pet will need to grow healthy and remain active.

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