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Welcome to Prosperous Pet! We are a leading supplier of high quality, natural foods your pets will absolutely love. Raw Dog Foods are among the many healthy foods we carry for our customers. On this page, we list the components of the raw dog food diet. Also, we list some of the many benefits it offers for your canine companion.

General guidelines for a raw food diet typically consist of meats, edible bones, vegetables, liver, and other organs. Also, seeds and fruits can play a role in a Raw Dog Food diet as well.

-Meats contain fundamental proteins and amino acids that help promote health growth in dogs.

-Raw, soft edible bones are another important part of a Raw Dog Food diet. Bones can provide calcium and other critical nutrients.

-Vegetables. Certainly, veggies are a great way to provide your pup with nutrients that benefit overall health.

-Liver. As an important part of a raw food diet, liver contains vitamin A along with other water-soluble vitamins too. Guidelines typically suggest that liver should be about five percent of a dog’s daily consumption.

-Organs. Other organs, such as the kidney, serve as healthy ingredients in a Raw Dog Food diets. Like the liver, organs can provide minerals and vitamins dogs need for healthy metabolism.

-Seeds and Nuts. Another effective way to give your pet minerals, fatty acids and vitamins. Seeds and nuts help to complete the essential nutrition requirements for canines. However, they require pre-soaking and grinding before serving.

-Fruits. While a smaller part of a diet, fruits do contain beneficial antioxidants that can help dogs remain healthy with a strong immune system.

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