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Wellness Natural Pet Food Rowlett TX

Wellness Natural Pet Food Rowlett TX

Many pet parents may not be aware that raw, natural foods are among the quacking growing sectors in the pet food marketplace? A lot of people are discovering that just as unprocessed foods in their own diets can benefit them by enhancing their general health and immune systems, raw foods also offer benefits for their pets, too.

-Improves digestion. The digestive systems of domestic pets such as dogs and cats are a lot shorter than in humans, meaning their bodies do not have as much time to properly absorb important nutrients. They are designed for the digestion of raw meats and bones from the prey their ancestors would catch out in the wild instead of the fibers, grains or other fillers found in many dry kibble food products.

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Unprocessed food, such as those contained in raw pet diets, deliver the optimal amounts of absorbable nutrition and healthy bacteria for your cat’s general wellness. In addition, pets do not naturally have an enzyme called amylase that’s required to properly digest grains. When serving cats a diet that is heavy on grain, it means their body must work overtime to process it efficiently. That stress upon the animal’s pancreas over the long term can create unhealthy bacteria within the lower bowels that causes kidney and liver problems.

-Better oral hygiene. Periodontal problems are among the most common causes of trips to the veterinarian, and are often the result of bacterial growth due to eating kibble that sticks to the cat’s teeth. This can lead to plaque accumulation, painful gums, bad breath and even the need to extract teeth.

Raw Wellness Natural Pet Food Rowlett TX doesn’t contain starch and processed fat, allowing the cat’s saliva to break down the food without it sticking to their teeth.